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*gently glows*

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ive never believed in passive aggressive vagueblogging, unlike SOME people i could mention

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I think I’ve followed you since like 2011 or something like that but I remember I thought you were really zico when I originally followed you but you were hysterically funny so it was better anyways and you’ve always been a really genuinely nice person to everyone and yeah, thanks c:

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Send me a number from 1-500 and I’ll tell you how I feel about you in a post without anyone knowing your identity.
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*saves game*

*presses exit game*

"Do you want to save your game before you exit?"

"I should just in case" 

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*opens inspect element on a webpage* Ive accessed the mainframe

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ive had this headache like 6 hours

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Biopharmaceutical Plant GH Genhelix
don’t delete the caption please

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lot of people on here care too much about their anesthetic.  just let the doctors take care of it

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